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Galgibaga Beach

Turtle Beach of Goa

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Galgibaga Beach

Also known as the turtle beach, Galgibaga is one of the beaches located in the southernmost part of South Goa. This empty stretch of beach with its silvery sands and clusters of coconut palms, is a calm and serene paradise and a poet’s delight. Being one of the major nesting sites for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles, Galgibaga along with Agonda and Morjim, falls under the supervision of the State Forest Department. This is the reason why there is an absence of the shack culture or any permanent structure on the beach, which otherwise is a very common sight on the other beaches of Goa. The northern part of the beach is entirely under the protected zone where the forest department runs a very successful turtle conservation program. If you happen to be here between December to February, you might find turtle nests with eggs, however it is strongly recommended that you not touch them. At other times, it is common to spot a lone turtle or two making its way up or back into the sea.

Many have claimed Galgibaga Beach is the cleanest beach they’ve seen in Goa or maybe even India. With silvery sands, clear water and rows after rows of coconut and pine trees, this beach is the perfect place for the turtles that choose to nest here. However, Galgibaga is so remote that there are no shanks on the beach and the nearest restaurants are pretty far away. Galgibaga beach is a small paradise of Calm, serene sea shore of Goa, is sandwiched between the Arabian Sea and a tiny hillock. About 1.5 km long sandy Galgibaga beach is yet another nesting heaven for turtles in Goa after the famous north Goa, Morjim beach. It is a beach that is ideally a poet’s delight and a Philosopher’s retreat for its mystical and meditative ambiance.