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‘The Waffle Monk’ – Snacks at the Little Hub

Along the road of St. Inez lays a little restaurant serving snacks for the people’s delight. This homely place is ‘The Waffle Monk’. Born in the city of Panjim the place has won many hearts around the city with their delicious waffles and crepes. 


Just as U turn left from O’Coquerio junction in Porvorim, to the road leading to the most visited beaches of Goa - Calangute and Baga – 500 metres down the road stands Urban Turban. A Punjabi themed restaurant, serving authentic and delectable Punjabi-Mughlai cuisines, is a hidden gem on the busy road. It is owned by a culinary professional Mr. Kamal Koli. The brilliant North Indian themed interior of the restaurant was the brain child of Mr.Kamal’s associates Mr.Vijay Latwal and his wife Mrs.Balwinder Latwal (who is head Chef also) who very successfully manages the restaurant in partnership with Mr.Kamal. Having a forte in Punjabi-Mughlai cuisines, they designed the specialty menu, which appeals to the taste buds of Goans, Tourists and Foreigners alike.

Visiting Goa – Tips That Will Make Your Trip to Goa...

Goa has always been portrayed as a place of Sun Sea and Siesta; you will find this in most of the commercials TV, Theatre or Online. And believe it or not, it is! Goa is full of wonder, life, and peace. The ideology has been exiting due to the western influence in Goa, since the time of Portuguese rule.

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Rachol Fort – Home to the famous Rachol Seminary

Rachol, also known as Raitura, is a village in Salcete, Goa, in south-western India. It is located on the left bank of the Zuari River and is home to the famous Rachol Seminary. The village which had the famous Rachol fort standing on her ground is now completely erased leaving behind the moat and the main gate.  It is an important site to study the history of Salcete. The Church of Our Lady of Snows (Igreja da Nossa Senhora de Neves) at Rachol is said to be the first church of Salcete and is called the Matriz of South Goa. Ilha de Rachol (Island of Rachol) is a part of the village.

Corjuem Fort – The Smallest Amongst All Forts in Goa

Considered to be the smallest fort from all the forts in Goa, happens to have a long history dating back in 1551. It was built by the Portuguese to safeguard their territory.  At a distance of 22 km from Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand, 49 km from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station and 12 km from Mapusa, Corjuem Fort is a fortress situated 4 km from Aldona on the island of Corjuem in North Goa.

Reis Magos Fort – One of the Oldest Historical Monuments

If you are looking for a historical monument and some great evening with some friends then this fort will definitely be the best choice. Located in the village of Reis Magos, is known to be popular for two of Goa’s famous structures; the Reis Magos Fort, and the Reis Magos Church. Reis Magos is the Portuguese name for the Three Wise Men from the Bible. The fort is situated across the city of Panaji which is accessible through a ferry service.

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