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Although it is one of the most developed regions in India, Goa does not have the offer that answers the needs of its citizens and numerous visitors. The buyers in Goa miss the diverse assortment of goods and greater amount of luxury brands, the demand for these is far greater than the current offer in the region. The lack of space is a barrier for many domestic and international brands interested in answering the growing demand and entering the Goan market. Traditional shopping zones in the old town centers with their limited amount of small shops do not allow further offer expansion or the arrival of new brands.


Q Luxurious Comfort

Mall de Goa comes harnessed with the best comforts for shop owners and consumers
More than 300 car parking on two levels
Amenities like Escalators, Lifts, A/C provision for all units, Generator Back up, Service Lift (1Tonne), Entry from loading bay to all floors and Loading bays for Minitrucks , tempos.
Built to deliver more than expectations


Dunkin Donuts with its trademark sweet offerings and some decent burgers, India’s most famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor ​has​outlet of his restaurant chain The Yellow Chilli, which features some of his signature Indian creations on its menu. We’re also ​offering some delicious food counters​ counters of Tibb’s Frankie, Pan Asian Hut, Taco Bite, Desserts And More, Shawarma King, Shaken And Stirred, Kudos, ​Veggie Deli, Waffles bar​ and Black Pepper. Local favourite Ritz Classic ​s​​ha​ set up a franchise here as well for some delicious seafood options.​ Last be not the least McDonald’s ​opened for first time in Goa,only at your very own Mall De Goa.​