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The Fisherman’s Wharf Panjim


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The Fishermans Wharf isn’t Just a restaurant; it is the Ultimate culinary destination. Here, we blend great food, impeccable service, and a fantastic atmosphere to create the perfect dining experience for you. We offer a slice of Goa to everyone who walks in. The Fishermans Wharf has captured the hearts of individuals as well as families alike, by serving traditional Goan delicacies and a bit of everything your palate desires.

Since 2005, Fisherman’s Wharf Goa has captured the tastes of the multi cultural Goan Community with the best authentic Goan cuisine. The original sea food multi cuisine restaurant is located on the banks of River Sal in the South of Goa. Building on the success of the restaurant in Goa, the founder company decided to take the venture to the next level, and showcase their Brand, the Pride of Goa, to other parts of India and further.

The menu in all the outlets is an ode to the jewels of the sea, cooked with zest typical of the Goan kitchen. There’s King Prawn Recheado, the spicy Prawn Balchao, Pomfret in butter garlic sauce, and the classic Goan Prawn Curry with Rice. Guests can get acquainted with the complex nuances of Xacuti, or dig into Chicken Cafreal and Goan Poi or Pao. And try out our authentic Goan dessert as one would not miss out on the freshly made bebinca.

To cater to all its guests from around the world and for those who don’t count seafood as a favourite, there’s more that the Wharf serves. There are Asian favourites and Indian signatures, so you could team a Sichuan Fried Rice with Chicken Tikka if you wish. Continental and Mediterranean options make an appearance on the menu as well.