Visiting Goa – Tips That Will Make Your Trip to Goa Memorable

Visiting Goa – Tips That Will Make Your Trip to Goa Memorable

Goa has always been portrayed as a place of Sun, Sea, and Siesta; you will find this in most of the commercials TV, Theatre or Online, and believe it or not, it is! Goa is full of wonder, life, and peace. The ideology has been exiting due to the western influence in Goa, since the time of Portuguese rule.

Goa is like an exotic land away from the rest of the world. It is a normal human nature to imitate another culture’s lifestyle and thus people visiting Goa love dressing, behaving and living like the Goan western lifestyle. You will find most of the tourist especially Indian travellers wearing western outfits which normally they may not wear in their respective states.

This does not mean that all the people from Goa follow the western custom or culture; there are a majority of people who do not belong to the western custom practices in Goa.  This issue is a debate, but there is no scope for any debate as far as this article is concerned.

At the time of summer, many foreign tourists travel to Goa because of their countries filled in the winter snow during our summers. They come to warm their body and bath in the sun along the cozy beaches of Goa. Since the number of foreign visitors is more, the Indian mind fantasies about seeing western tourists in an Asian country and thus, many Indians flock to Goa on a summer trip. So Goa has guests coming from its very own country as well as the foreign guest. And then in the rainy season, we might see rain lovers stepping foot in Goa since the state offers clean green fairytale rains.

This article will benefit you by giving some summer and rainy days tips. It’s not only climate which affects the travelers but also the overall perspectives of the travellers of Goa, as what they think about this place.

Here are some tips for you

Dress Code

Change in the dress code is justified, it is also common as we all pursue a different attire while a trip or vacation to new places; either because of the culture or the climatic needs. For example, if we travel to the US or any other western country we are surely not going to wear dhoti and lungi (traditional dress code from some parts of India). In the same way, when we travel to Kashmir we are going to wear warmer clothes which will save us from severe cold. While in Goa it is advisable to wear white cotton clothing to avoid the effects of hot sun and humid climate. For men short Bermudas, light-colored T-shirts or Shirts are preferable, while for women short jeans and light colored t-shirts, plazos, cotton kaftans, cotton dresses and perhaps even a hat to go with it. This will make the attire not only trendy but also comfortable. Besides if you haven’t carried any of these you will always find row lined shops around different places in Goa with such clothing to buy.  Exclude packing your bags with clothes like tight and full-length pants or jeans. The hot sun could cause rashes or mild infections.

However, when it comes to the monsoon, surely you would want to wear warm clothes. But, it will be much better if one goes around with light fabric and less woolly since it will be a benefit to dry up your soaked clothes. A raincoat and gumboots would be just fine in order to move around freely than carrying a burdened umbrella over your head.

The stay (Check out some hotels here….

Stay is normally booked in advance unless you are a bag-packer type who would prefer getting settled at the destination. Oh, wait! Confused? You might want a place that is relaxing and cool at the same time cheap. After all, everyone can’t be a billionaire. Where could you find one that would suit you perfectly?

So let’s get started with summer first. Stay in Goa for the summer season is easily available due to the tourist flooding season. Everyone just rushes to whatever they find the best.  What is important is that you book your stay well in advance. You could check some beautiful inns, hotels, rooms, guest houses at ‘Explore Incredible’. Then you could probably get in touch with those hotels and book your fantastic stay.

Don’t want to book online? No problem, just check a few hotels and inns and drive right up to the place to book your stay once you reach Goa. Who knows? You might get it at much cheaper rates.

Worried about a good location? One advice, try to stay close to the seashore in the summer.  You will enjoy a good bath in the pleasant sea of Goa. Though it is very humid the cool breeze flowing over the sea will make you feel better. Also, try booking your rooms in a place surrounded by lots of greenery and having cross ventilation structure, of course, you have options of air-conditioned place, but that keeps you away from nature’s touch.

Rainy days come in and where will you book your room is the first question. Ignore the worries; choose a guest house or a small cottage for your stay. A Portuguese designed hotel or house would be a brighter option. Rains and the old culture goes around pretty well, thus you will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of the chilly weather.

So the bags are packed, well settled in, but now what about the places to visit? Where to eat where to roam?

Going Around (Check out some food outlets here…)

Most of the eat outs in Goa are reasonably priced except big brand franchise. To be honest, in case you fail to try out the Goan fish curry rice, you have wasted your trip. The small joints in Goa that serve the fish curry are known to be enchanting. Make sure you try it out. Having some lovely seafood by the seaside is the best thing to do in Goa.

During the rains try out some hot crispy fried fishes in various places. And relax; Goa is not a ‘No Veggie zone’. In fact, you will find many places that serve delicious puri bhaji, patal bhaji, hot mushroom bhaji and Goa’s famous samosa stalls. You may have the habit of eating at big branded restaurants but in a petite place like Goa, visit the petite restaurants too. Keep visiting heritage homes and museums; you will not regret having a look at them. If you want to know about what places you need to visit, you can always stop by Explore incredible, read about the places to visit and shortlist them for your purpose.

Relaxing (Check out some Spa & Salon here…)

All come to Goa, is to relax and have some fun. So get out there, try out good spas to relax yearlong stress. There are various options for relaxation and rejuvenation whilst your stay in Goa. Try visiting some of the Ayurvedic service areas; they tend to have healthy yoga sessions and relaxation techniques. Cannot afford the spas? Why don’t you try something more manual and nature-friendly ways of relaxing? Take a walk on the beach at sunrise and watch the night fading away as the dawn arises. Visit a waterfall or a quiet seaside area and meditate.

It is raining! And where do you go now? Don’t stay in your room all day long; after all, you have come on a vacation to enjoy the monsoon. Visit a Spice plantation with some education and fun. Picture fan? The spice plantation would be an answer to your prayer.

Also when you cannot go for a swim in the sea during the rains, you can always sit by the beachside shacks and take a foot massage offered by the associates there. But beware of those touts; sometimes they rob the customers, so the choice is all yours. In the end, it’s your choice to decide what kind of services you’re looking out for. Still, if you avoid that, you can try out other things like watching the rain while digging in your hot fiery fish. If you are a painter, it is even better as you can picture out and put them on a paper with different sketches and colors.  Just remember, No matter what you do in Goa, you will always find peace, because of its serene atmosphere.

Transport (Want to Rent a Car? Check out here…

Here comes the biggest issue of all times. Taxis and autos are always too expensive, instead, opt for a pilot or rent your own vehicle. For the days you will be staying, there are many places where you can rent a bike or a car. So go for it! You wouldn’t have to spend much and the vehicle will be in your power for those days. But, in order to avoid problems, always wear a helmet and make sure you have a license. You can also rent a bicycle if living near beachside guesthouses. This is easier, petrol free, exercise worth it and light to travel at short distances for sight-seeing. It is more applicable for those who don’t know to ride or drive.

Well, what could you possibly do during the rains? You don’t want to get wet at the same time roam and enjoy. There is a solution to that- like we said earlier, Goa has it all. You can travel on the local buses. It is cost friendly, fast, entertaining and traditional. It might get crowded at some points, but it is a benefit for those who would prefer traveling by bus.

Thus, here were the few tips that Incredible Goa has brought to you. In case of any doubts and queries, always feel free to visit our Explore Incredible Goa site and clarify them.

Viva Voyage!

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